For over 20 years, RDS provided free recycling service, electing to swallow the cost as part of our mission. Since 2018, recycling is no longer an inexpensive service, and so we have implemented a small flat $5 fee for non-commercial customers. 

Recycling Fees and Service

While there are still are higher costs to properly find new homes for recyclable goods, RDS charges a flat $5.00 fee, which includes taxes, for residential recyclable goods (with a maximum limit of 200 pounds).

  • Cardboard

  • Mixed Paper - includes magazines, phone books, paper and hardback books, junk mail, wrapping paper, and cereal boxes.

  • Newspaper

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Tin Cans

  • Glass in Bottle or Jar form - clear, brown, and green glass only.

  • NO WINDOW GLASS or ceramics.

  • Plastics - bottles and tubs (yogurt containers), numbers 1 - 7.

  • Plastic empty buckets are okay with handles removed.


NOTE: Above items must be rinsed/cleaned.

To learn more about how we responsibly handle all recycled material, visit our Sustainability page.

Any loads over 200 pounds will be charged the normal solid waste rates.

IF YOU ARE ALSO unloading additional non-recyclable material, then residential recycling is “free” as it becomes just part of your standard $11 minimum fee plus your weight fee.