Through hard work with local talent, we increase Whatcom County’s level of recycling.

Our company name describes what we do best: Recycling and Disposal Services.

When the public brings in their debris, our first goal is to pull as much recyclable material as possible in an attempt to divert up to 20% of all waste from the landfill.

How do we get our recycling rates higher than anyone in the county? Through multiple efforts:

  • Provide specific drop off locations on our property for our customer to deposit items that can be recycled, such as green yard waste, concrete, clean wood, or electronics. With commodities grouped together, we can then find the proper new home for each item, often working with local recyclers (see our Partners page for details).

Sample Where to Go Map.JPG
  • Pull salvage commodities straight off our big tipping floor: items that people have mixed in with other wastes. This is done by our staff, sometimes by hand and also with our large excavator equipment.

  • Use of our MRF, a $1 million dollar material recovery facility, where our staff hand pulls material from the waste stream into sorted bins.

  • With the help of our customers that bring in their recycled material and deposits into the various bins in our recycling center.


The below YouTube video gives you an inside peek of our RDS System of processing. See our team and equipment at work!

[Note that since the video was created, we have added more scales to speed up the process for our customers. Also, since this video, we have had to implement a $5 recycling fee; see details here.]

Lastly, what can’t be recycled or reused is sent to a landfill. We have elected to partner with an environmentally aware company, Waste Management, that uses state of the art processes. Details about their site, landfill gas recovery, renewal energy creation, and monitoring can be found at Waste Management’s website for the Columbia Ridge Recycling and Landfill site.

To better understand the reasons and costs of recycling, visit our continually updating page of Recycling Trends.