Our partners help us create a more effective team.

Working with a variety of private and public groups, we are able to more effectively achieve our mission.


Our recycling partners:

RDS does not do home pickup. Use the external web links below to find a company that can help:

Not all material can be recycled, and for what must go to landfills, we have partnered with the strongest company that minimizes the impact of landfills. Landfilling will be done at either WM’s Columbia Ridge Landfill in Arlington, Oregon, or WM’s Greater Wenatchee Regional landfill in Wenatchee, Washington.

Public Resources: For special disposal needs or to find other government resources, check out the following:

We are also active in the community including:

Lastly, but maybe most importantly is the support we receive from the Teamsters Union Local 231 that helps RDS provide the best of staff that are there to serve our customers.